Why an App Competition?

Apps4Gaps is an all-Ireland competition aimed at encouraging young people to provide ideas and create applications. Innovative and fresh ways of exploring the Open Data freely available from the Cenus 2011 could benefit society in such areas as transport, housing, planning, education, communications and health. In the process, participants will be encouraged to:

  • work as a team
  • learn or increase their skills in computer science
  • utilise the opportunities presented by Open Data
  • be challenged in creating technologies such as mobile apps


The national competition is open to teams of two or three participants from any part of the island of Ireland.

There are two entry categories:


One or all of the team members are not in the student category. A team leader registers the team.


All team members are students from Irish primary, secondary or third level institutions. Teachers/Lecturers must register the team.

Entry Categories

Apps can be submitted in one of two categories:

Concept Entry

Proposal of an idea for the theoretical software application (“app”)

Working App

Submission of a fully developed app

Definition of an App

An app is defined as any piece of software that can be run on a  mobile device (mobile app), within a social platform (social app) or in a browser (web app).


Entrants must use at least one of the required CSO Datasets from the Apps4Gaps data catalog www.apps4gaps.ie/data


Please send your feedback and comments on the Apps4Gaps competition to: apps4gaps@gmail.com